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Dear WBIT:

On behalf of the satff and students of the Omega Mentoring Program (OPM), we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for your presentation on “Graduation is My Motivation” for our program students. Your presentation to our 30 plus students was not only insightful but also motivational.  Your life experience’s and story impacted many of the students to try harder.

After your workshop many of the students stated they enjoyed the dialogue, which gave them a different perspective on how to overcome adversity and the challenges they face.  Many of the students were able to identify with your story, which allowed them a better understanding that you can become successful if you do not give up.

The OMP is committed to steering at risk teens towards college through one on one mentoring.  It’s because of partnerships such as WBIT that allows us to have a bigger impact on the youth.  We sincerely hope you would consider making a return visit to present to our students in the near future.  Thanks.

Adia C. Jordan
Omega Mentoring Program

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