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Symposium & Consulting

Address the unique challenges facing student-athletes as they strive to achieve academic and athletic success.


Mentoring & Leadership

Use fun games, activities and lectures to promote better self esteem and physical & mental well being.



On site programs designed to help reduce the high rates of youth incarceration and recidivism.



Our reading initiative targets pre-k – 3rd grade. Financial Literacy promotes lifelong money management skills.


Mobile mentoring is an initiative, through which mentor(s) provide ongoing, real time support regarding challenges that arise on a regular basis.  Mobile Mentors also provide tips and strategies directly related to real life experiences. 

During this time mentees and mentor(s) engage in regular communication either about specific problems that arise from life’s challenges, tips and strategies learned in the trainings, or to talk through some of the broader challenges they are facing personally.  


WBIT staff and Board of Directors are here to do our part-  people of all backgrounds have a role to play in bringing about systemic and sustainable change. Collectively, we have a responsibility to ensure that each day is safer and more meaningful than the days before. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe in dismantling the systems of power that intensify inequities. We believe that ALL Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter.

WBIT will continue to speak out in support of youth inequality and racial justice. We are prepared to be an active, engaged partner in creating a culture that mirrors our mission, vision, and values.

Welcome to Winning Because I Tried

The “Winning Because I Tried” message teaches children, ages 8-18, that success is in your effort, not the final outcome. In reality, it’s not about the win or loss, it’s about believing in yourself and doing the best you can!

The goal is to make youth better prepared for what life has to offer. This will be accomplished by using fun games, activities and lectures. This method captures the child’s attention and will also foster good physical activity in children.


Dear Modie,

Thank you for being a great mentor to us. Always leading us on the right track. I just wanna let you know that you is a positive influence to us young kids and we appreciate for coming when have the time. Even though I met you in this predicament you’re a great role model to me.


Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things
when you “Do Not Give Up”!

Winning Because I Tried Partners

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Niagara Falls City School District

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