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To promote positive youth development by increasing self-esteem, advancing an “I” Can Do It” attitude, and educating on habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


The “Winning Because I Tried” message teaches children ages 8-18, that success is in your effort, not the final outcome. In reality, it’s not about the win or loss, it’s about believing in your abilities and doing the best you can! The goal is to make youth better prepared for what life has to offer. This will be accomplished by using fun games, activities and lectures. This method captures the child’s attention and will also foster good physical activity in children.

In addition to the wellness component, our team of professional athletes may lead motivational seminars to reinforce the concept that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things when you “Do Not Give Up“!


  • Youth Incarceration
  • Grades/School
  • Sports Games/Teams
  • Interaction with parents/teachers/peers
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Health and Wellness
  • Student-Athlete Consulting
  • Literacy


Modie Cox, Founder & President of W.B.I.T., is a former collegiate and professional basketball standout. He has since transitioned from his on the court career, to a prominent and much sought after motivational speaker. Well known for his ability on the court, he has quickly turned that passion into a driving commitment to serve the youth in our communities.

Prior to the emergence of “Winning Because I Tried”, Cox was the president of the Do Your Best, Never Quit Community Youth Initiative, where he was able to impart a life philosophy in thousand of youth across WNY. He is passionate about speaking on the importance of promoting an “I Can Do It” attitude and a “Never Give Up” belief. Cox was honored by the American Basketball Association (ABA) with its first and only Community Service Award for his valuable contributions to the WNY community.


  • Motivational Speaking
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Student- Athlete Symposium
  • Mentoring Workshops
  • Anti Gang/ Violence Program
  • Student Athlete Consulting
  • Anti Bullying Inititive
  • Slam Dunking Illiteracy Campaign (pre k to 3rd grade only)
    Financial Literacy


  • Grades/School
  • Sports Games/Teams
  • Interaction with parents/teachers/friends
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Health and Wellness
  • Student-Athlete Consulting
  • Finances

By adopting the “Winning Because I Tried” philosophy it ensures confidence that whatever obstacles come your way, you will be prepared to handle them.

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