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Recap of The Beginning

President and Founder of Because I Tried Enterprises, Inc., Modie Cox enjoyed an active and celebrated basketball career for a number of years. From high school to college and later in the semi-professional basketball arena, he found himself immersed in basketball, but also advocating for youth. Whether working out, coaching, or playing ball, he took the time to encourage and challenge youth to be his or her best self. Modie Cox soon realized that working with youth was indeed his passion. He founded Because I Tried, Enterprises, Inc., and Winning Because I Tried (WBIT) was launched. The rest, as they say, is history. His work with youth has been non-stop, and he is frequently sought out for motivational lectures, basketball clinics, mentoring and more. Below is a highlight of some of WBIT’s activities in Western and Central New York State.

Buffalo, NY: In 2014, the M&T Bank Foundation funded a grant for WBIT to provide mentoring services for students at Highgate Heights Elementary School. WBIT has been an unbendable force in the Highgate School community, working with students in grades four to eight.   Several years later, a partnership was formed with Northwest Buffalo Community Center to provide similar services.

Syracuse, NY: Three years ago, Because I Tried Enterprises, Inc., and the Department of Child & Family Services of Onondaga County (DCFSO), agreed to a one-year Pilot Program.  WBIT would work with some of the City of Syracuse’s most challenging youth, conducting life-skills classes and motivational seminars, along with mentoring sessions at Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Facility (Hillbrook). Central to WBIT’s successful collaboration with DCFSO, would be the ability to successfully mitigate untoward behaviors and reduce the rate of recidivism at Hillbrook.  WBIT has made tremendous strides in Onondaga County, and particularly at Hillbrook.  Of considerable note is a new “Education Policy” that was crafted by WBIT, and adopted by the West Hill School District at Hillbrook.

Niagara Falls, NY:  Shortly after WBIT expanded to Central NY, formal discussions were held with Niagara Falls City School District Superintendent Mark Laurrie. WBIT was asked to provide services for one school in the district.  Eager to reconnect with his alma mater, Cox selected LaSalle Preparatory School. A motivational seminar was presented to the student body. After significant positive feedback, WBIT was formally introduced to LaSalle Preparatory School’s students and faculty. A few months later, WBIT began working with Gaskill Preparatory School. Currently WBIT is working with four schools in the Niagara Falls City School District: LaSalle Preparatory, Gaskill Preparatory, Niagara Falls High School and the Community Education Center.

In the summer of 2019, WBIT sponsored a city-wide mentoring/basketball camp at the Niagara Falls Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  Approximately 50 youth from grades 7 to 11 participated in the camp which ran for an entire month.  The happy campers, who successfully completed all requirements for both the mentoring and basketball components, received a Certificate of Completion, a WBIT t-shirt, WBIT socks, a Nike drawstring bag, and a gift bag.  The campers and their families were also treated to a WBIT pizza party.

All Caught Up: Because I Tried Enterprises, Inc., will continue our labor of love on behalf of every youth and young adult we encounter. Our commitment and dedication are unchanged. President and Founder Modie Cox says it clearly, “my passion to work with youth is a rewarding opportunity. Our work may be a challenge, but each young person is important and that keeps us inspired—that keeps us fully engaged”.

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